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"We have grown a strong musical bond" - Fire In Her Eyes Interview

Image of Fire In Her Eyes Band from their Instagram @fireinhereyesofficial

Me: Hiya gals, thank you for talking with me today. My first question is definitely about how you guys met! I hope I’m right in saying two of you are siblings?

Fire In Her Eyes: Hey, thank you so much for chatting with us! Daniella and Natasha are sisters, and Gabrielle and Daniella were in the same class in primary school. We have all been collaborating for many years now and have grown a strong musical bond. 

M: Your style is super unique compared to the other musicians I’ve interviewed, both in fashion and most importantly, music. Where did that inspiration to make psychedelic-like music come from?

FIHE: The inspiration to make psychedelic music came from various things such as the music we were exposed to while growing up, coming from a musical family, surrounded by equipment and effects, as well as later going to a lot of bohemian festivals and gigs. 

M: Has music always been something you’ve all wanted to do? Is it a priority or more so something you do for fun, but still out of passion?

FIHE: Music is a key priority to all of us, and has and always will be a huge part of our lives. 

M: You just performed at Deebsday festival. What was that like for you guys?

FIHE: Deebsday was a really great experience! We loved playing in a tipi in front of like-minded music and festival enthusiasts.

M: You also just officially released your first single, Presenting. As a band, you’ve released original songs over the span of a year on YouTube so why did you choose to release this one on spotify first?

FIHE: We chose Presenting to be our first official single to be released on Spotify, and all other music streaming platforms, as it is the introductory song to who we are. Both musically and lyrically we felt it gave a great first impression of our sound. 

M: Where is the coolest place you guys feel you’ve performed?

FIHE: The coolest place we have performed at is probably a vodka distillery in Hackney!

M: As a band, whats the most exciting experience you’ve shared together?

FIHE: We recently travelled to India for 3 weeks as a band and it was an incredibly eye-opening, memorable experience! We had many great adventures and wrote a catalogue of new songs inspired by our experiences. 

M: I also know your music has been on the radio! What’s it like to hear something you’ve loved and created out in the world like that?

FIHE: It’s a really amazing feeling to hear our music being played on the radio, and with such great feedback from the presenters too! It gives us even more determination to release more material. 

M: Is travel something you guys do a lot for your music, or something you wish to do more?

FIHE: We’ve had our fair share of travelling for music inspiration over the past few years (India, Tenerife, Florida), but it is definitely something we would all love to do more in the future. 

M: What is your aim as band? Do you wish to give people good music or spread certain messages?

FIHE: Our aim is to give people original, catchy music, along with our core message: ‘Be What You Are.’ Thank You!

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